At PREMIER we are dedicated to the happiness of the client. We offer 24 hour notary services. We also offer loan signing services and will make sure that the process is easy and comfortable for the client. Let us be your choice when it comes to your notary services.

We are not attorneys

We are not licensed attorneys, we are not authorized to practice law or give legal advice or accept legal fees.

Some of what we do

  • Notarial Acts

    We provide a wide range of notarial acts from oaths and acknowledgements to contracts and self-scribed documents.

  • Signing Services

    You can contact us for all of your signing needs. Mortgage packages and auto packages just to name a couple.

  • Marriage Ceremonies

    We will preform a ceremony no matter the preference. Making your day easy and enjoyable.


PREMIER Mobile Notary & Signing Services is affordable. We offer all of our services at a great price. Our fees are minimal compared to others. There's no reason for the important things in life to be costly.


We offer a convenience that is uncomparable to any other service. We will provide any service from the comfort of your home or business at your convenience. This makes it easy to spend valuable time doing the things you love.

Contact us

PREMIER Mobile Notary & Signing Services is always open . Contact us @ or give us a call @ 813-557-8938 to get quote and book our services.